“Fantastic – give it a go”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 6 January 2013
  • I went on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday with 15 members of my family and we were all very impressed. The menu was quite authentic and original, in fact some might find it disappointing as there is no pizza, chips, garlic bread etc on the menu at all. But that meant we got the chance to try something a bit different and the food we had been delicious and fantastic value. Everything was presented beautifully and you could tell fresh, quality ingredients had been used. The pre-theatre menu had some really good options and for £14.95 for 3 courses, including an option of steak (which was delicious) you really can’t go wrong, especially on a Saturday evening. If I had to give any suggestions for improvement it was that the service was slightly slow towards the end of the meal when people ordered coffees etc, but as we were a big group (and had been given the option to pre-order which we didn’t do) it was understandable, and to be honest we were enjoying ourselves so much we barely noticed anyway. Definitely worth a try!!
  • Visited January 2013
  • Real food, real service, real value.”
    4 of 5 stars Reviewed 26 December 2012
  • Claudio is an unflappable competent enthusiast. He moved, after small beginnings and much testing of the market and the competition,. he has a winning formula. A real welcome as he greets you from the clear view kitchen at this key location hard by the good hotels and shops. The versatility of the menu and ones ability to spend little or much more appeals to people. If you want formulaic Italian food you will be pleasantly surprised to get individual and imaginative dishes personally prepared for you at the price of run of the mill dishes. We live locally and in London so are used to variety. Claudio’s is always interesting and we can safely take friends and business people there, time and again
  • Visited December 2012
  • All things considered- The Number 1 Restaurant in Scarborough.”
  • 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 17 December 2012
  • I visit Da Claudio’s probably around six times annually. I have done so for around five years now. We visit when we can. Sometimes I take my partner only, other times I go as part of a small group. We visit many other restaurants too , maybe not equally as often, but we have probably worked our way through the Trip Advisor top 20. The consensus of opinion is that, when all aspects of a restaurant visit have been considered Da Claudio comes out as our No 1 restaurant in Scarborough. He has a passion for producing excellent home cooked food that is second to none. I feel that his staff are enthused by this passion. Keep up the good work you lot! We shall be calling in at some stage over the Christmas break.
  • Visited November 2012
  • Real Italian Style”
  • 4 of 5 stars Reviewed 11 December 2012
  • Claudio is the owner-chef of this rather small restaurant, very popular among locals and visitors, always full at weekends – in-spite of this you are never rushed out and the service is very friendly.
    Claudio approach is down-to-earth/no-frills: good honest uncompromising Italian style cuisine from local selected sources – he even bakes his own wonderful bread!
    Da Claudio is no-go area for those expecting pizzas and spaghetti Bolognese on the menu: this is a proper Restaurant!
    Extremely good value for your money!
  • Visited November 2012

One thought on “REVIEWS

  1. Aileen Grist

    We were in Scarborough for 3 nights between 27 & 29 Jan 13 and had thought that we would try a different restaurant each night. On Monday evening we tried Il Piatto, the food, drink and service was so good that we went back on Tuesday. It’s not a pizza restaurant it’s a good value ‘real’ Italian restaurant.

    I don’t know why everyone expects Italian restaurants to serve Pizza – that’s fast food. This restaurant sells well prepared, cooked and served ‘slow’ food.

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